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Automate campaign management, source-to-hire analytics and programmatic bidding for talent attraction

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What we do

Reduced Cost per Application.

We can automatically optimise your campaign and attract more potential candidates by optimising job postings, enabling one-click apply for candidates, and posting on both organic and sponsored job sites.

What we do

Increase Quality Application Volume.

Hiring managers can track the source of their hires from the initial click to the employment, which allows them to determine the return on investment. That provides visibility into wasted spending can then be redirected toward more effective sourcing methods.

What we do

Lower Cost per Hire.

By utilising programmatic bidding, you can receive more qualified candidates from sources that align with your needs. This results in an improved return on investment for your advertising expenses and decreased cost per hire.
What we do

Clear ROI and Reporting.

With transparent source reporting, you can get real-time metrics on your return on investment, cost per application, cost per hire, and time to hire. This allows for precise and accurate tracking of your recruitment efforts.