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What we do

Reduce your cost per application and increase volume with programmatic bidding.

Programmatic Bidding

Only bid for job board listings when an application is likely

Automatic Budgeting

Extend your job advertising budget by appearing when you need to

Lowering costs

Lower your cost per application and increase volume

Programmatic bidding automates the process of media buying for job posts.

Using source-to-hire data, our programmatic bidding solution ensures your job posts appear on the right source at the right time to generate a candidate that you are more likely to hire based on previous hire data

Programmatic Bidding.

What we do

Stretch your advertising
budget to run 24hrs a day.

Job posting on a job board or other job source can be a waste of budget. Set to run your job advert based on a 24hr day, it’s soon becoming an ineffective way to generate candidates.

What we do

Bid on the job postings
that generate hires.

TalentTrack’s Programmatic bidding model uses artificial intelligence to decipher where and when to advertise, making the most of your available budget to drive an uplift in candidates.

What we do

Generate better quality candidates.

Using conversion data that we generate by tracking the source to hire of every candidate, TalentTrack’s programmatic model generates a higher volume of better quality candidates as it learns from conversion data.

Strategic Partnerships

We integrate into 100+ Job Boards, Search Engines and Social Media Platforms.

All your job adverts are pushed automatically in an API to your chosen job boards, online search engine and social media. Get the benefits of both organic and paid job adverts to boost your candidate volumes with quality applications

ATS Integrations

We integrate with your ATS for a streamlined candidate journey.


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What we do

We save you valuable
recruiting time.

One Click Apply

Enable one-click-apply across multiple job boards

Automatic Management

Automatically manage your job postings for greater visibility

Seamless Synchronisation

Application data is automatically synced from TalentTrack into your ATS