Job board integrations
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Job board integrations

Why choose reaches over 28 million unique monthly visitors globally and have a unique cost per application pricing model.

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Why post a job on was one of the first pay-per-application sites globally. They operate both a one-click-apply process and applies directly via your careers site.

You can advertise sponsored roles and get organic applications automatically on via our API – TalentTrack is a preferred advertising partner of’s one-click-apply enables the candidate to apply for a role within the job board with a single click.’s one-click-apply functionality relies on the candidate uploading a CV and other details so that they can apply for roles instantly.

Candidate data is then sent securely via API to TalentTrack and synched with your ATS system to speed up the hiring process.

A tracking code on your careers site measures any direct applies on your site from, enabling full source-to-hire transparent analysis.

Our direct API integration into ensures all your jobs are posted to, enabling you to pick and choose the roles you sponsor with more budget.

How do you integrate with

We post your jobs directly to, whether taking a feed from your ATS for job posts or you directly create them within our platform. The candidate can either one-click-apply on or can click a link and land on the relevant job post on your careers site and apply. Our tracking code attributes the source of every application, so you can review in real-time the response rates from for both organic and sponsored traffic.

Integrating with TalentTrack.

Using TalentTrack to integrate with, you’ll more accurately know:
  • How many applications are being driven through sponsored posts on
  • How many sponsored applications from are being hired
  • Which locations are getting more applications and more hires from
  • Which jobs are getting more applications from
  • What the return on investment is from
  • What is the cost per hire from
  • What is the time to hire from
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