How Barchester Healthcare reduced their cost per hire for nurses from £10k to £750.

Operating since 1992, Barchester Healthcare are one of the UK’s leading care home providers, delivering best-in-class care at over 250 locations across the United Kingdom. The organisation employs over 17,000 staff in care homes which offer residential and nursing care. The company started out as just one individual care home and, through a desire to spread their high-quality standard of care throughout the country, have expanded to cover almost every area in the United Kingdom.

The Situation.

Barchester’s principal issue within their recruiting strategy was a struggle to identify a clear on ROI. They ran adverts across various channels, but the limitations of their platform meant they couldn’t see what kind of return on investment they were getting, making it difficult to identify where they should adjust strategy, where they should increase or decrease spend, and what impact any change might have.

The Solution.

TalentTrack allowed them to collect data on every point in the applicant’s journey, from click to hire. Quickly identifying the source that was delivering the best candidates, tracking applications right through to payroll.
Collect all of your jobs and multi-post them to every major job board, following every single best practice to ensure that your posts get the maximum possible exposure. Candidates are then filtered through top-quality, custom-built job websites, meaning that all information entered is streamlined and delivered straight into a data solution of your choice. You can then see which points in the application process are causing dropoff and which aren’t, giving you the opportunity to optimise the bits that are causing blockages in your pipeline.

The platform will also give your job sites visibility on Google, as well as stats on which job boards are driving more/better quality candidates. This will show you where you need to up your spend, and where you might be best off cutting your losses from and pulling back on your budget.

The Results.

Tony Woollett, the recruitment director at care provider Barchester Healthcare said: “Until recently, we had no idea what return on investment we were getting when we advertised to hire new nurses. Now we do – we know exactly what return we will get from our spend, which has enabled us to increase our applications, and reduce our cost per hire for nurses. TalentTrack has helped us lower the cost of hiring a nurse from £10,000 to £750 – and increase our hire ratio from online applications to 10%.”

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