How Akari is now attracting a higher level of nurse applications since using TalentTrack.

Akari Care is an award-winning family of Residential and Nursing Care Homes spread across the UK. Incorporated in 2004, the company’s mission is to be a compassionate and trusted provider of high-quality care within local communities where our residents are valued and respected. Winners of the Top 20 Care Homes In The UK award, they boast an array of awards for their standard of care, helping their residents feel not just looked after but stimulated, cherished and loved.

Delivering a high standard of care requires experienced, knowledgeable and conscientious staff. This means that, like many other care homes, they must always be on the lookout for potential incoming talent, as finding appropriate staff to maintain a care home can be an exacting process.

The Situation.

Care homes need a lot of staff in order to run effectively, but equally, they cannot hire just anyone. Every position at a care home has essential requirements and qualifications must be met before a candidate can deliver care. Conversely, the jobs are difficult and candidates are aware of this. The industry is prone to a degree of candidate dropoff during the application process. Akari Care are one of a number of care homes who face the challenge of recruiting the right volumes of appropriate staff and could do with an edge in this regard.

Akari were not short of ideas on how to improve their recruitment, but they lacked any solid, reliable data to suggest whether their ideas would work, or whether the ideas were actually working once implemented. This is because their existing tech stack was unable to measure levels of applications, application sources, or even cost per application (CPA). In need of an upgrade to their monitoring system for their recruitment, they turned to Automated Analytics’ revolutionary new recruitment analysis platform, TalentTrack.

The Solution.

TalentTrack is a revolutionary new platform that allows you to collect data on every point in an applicant’s journey, from click to hire. Once integrated, this platform allowed Akari to collect all of their jobs and multi-post them to every major job board of their choice. The account managers at TalentTrack made sure that every single best practice was followed, ensuring that Akari’s posts got the maximum possible exposure. This included filling out all necessary job board schema data, enabling one-click apply, and optimising the listing content and wording to include key words and phrases that help the posts rank.

Candidates were then filtered through top-quality, custom-built job websites, running off a subdomain of Akari’s website, meaning that the pages borrowed the Akari domain authority and ranked highly on Google and other organic search platforms. The platform then meant that Akari were receiving maximum possible exposure, both through organic and sponsored channels.

The Results.

With TalentTrack integrated into Akari’s setup, they were able to start tracking their application levels, sources and CPA. This gave them the ability to see what their strongest performing talent acquisition sources were, and what their weakest were.

The Conclusion.

You may find it surprising just how many things that you can get data on in today’s automated world. The more you know about what’s happening with your business’s activities, the more areas of improvement you can spot. TalentTrack’s system gives you full visibility on every stage in the candidate journey, as well as unlocking insights into the performance of each minute piece of recruitment activity you’re running.

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