Programmatic Bidding

Job posting on a job board or other job source can be a waste of budget. Set to run your job advert based on a 24hr day, it’s soon becoming an ineffective way to generate candidates.

TalentTrack’s Programmatic bidding model uses artificial intelligence to decipher when and when to advertise, making the most of your available budget to drive an uplift in candidates.

Using conversion data what we generate by tracking the source to hire of every candidate, TalentTrack’s programmatic model generates a higher volume of better quality candidates as it learns from conversion data.

Use programmatic bidding to lower you cost per application and increase your quality candidates.

We work with all the top online job boards

All your job adverts are pushed automatically in an API to your chosen job boards, online search engine and social media. Get the benefits of of both organic and paid job adverts to boost your candidate volumes with quality applications.

Questions we answer:

Unless you are using programmatic bidding, you job adverts will be posted from a specific time each day until your budget runs out. This isn’t an effective way to generate applications as candidates apply at different times of the day and week. By using our AI programmatic bidding model, we can ensure you advert appears when you are most likely to get an application, ensuring you get more candidates for the same budget through better optimisation of when you advert appears across jobs boards, search and social media.

By using our programmatic bidding solution, your adverts will appear when it is most likely to get a candidate apply. This means your budget will be utilised to drive candidates rather than just post your adverts. So far, all of our clients have seen a significant uplift in candidate volume without the increase in spend.

You have two options 1) our fully automated solution is just that, fully automated meaning your job will be advertised to set budgets with agreed volumes without you having to do a thing. 2) our semi-automated solution allows you to pick the jobs you want to sponsor and how much you spend on each job board our job source to drive candidates.

We connect to over 100 job boards and job sources, from main stream sources like Indeed and TotalJobs to social media channels like TikTok and Instagram, to Google for Jobs and Bing. We agree with each client their media strategy, so you get the benefit of paid and organic listings to get the best value for money.

Key performance indicators you can measure

  • Application by time of day
  • Application by day of week
  • Application by source
  • Application by organic and paid listing

How does it work?

Track the source of every candidate

Track the source of very candidate in real-time, giving you instant access to candidate insight including applications volumes, hire ratio’s and more for automated candidate attraction marketing

Conversion data is fed into our AI

The conversion data we generate by tracking the source to hire of every candidate is fed into our AI bidding model

Programmatic bidding ensures your adverts appear when most likely to get an application

Each application generated then gets automatically fed into your ATS system, automatically flagged as shortlisted or not.

Increase candidates and hires

Programmatic bidding to lower your cost per application and increase your quality candidates.

Enabling you to optimise your strategy to deliver more, higher quality applications.

We can integrate with all the top applicant tracking systems

We can integrate with all the top ATS systems recruiters use and more.

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Customer Insight

Find out how Akari is now attracting a higher level of nurse applications since using TalentTrack.

“We reduced our cost per hire for nurses from £10k to £750 and increased our hire ratio from online applications to 10%.”

Care Concern Group Increased their application volume by 650% for the same advertising budget.

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