Candidate Attraction Analytics

TalentTrack gives you conversion data that no one else does, enabling you to analyse and action automatically to improve candidate volumes and hire ratios.

Spending hours generating spreadsheets of data, not knowing if its accurate? TalentTrack automatically produced analysis and reporting for you, giving you real-time analysis of your candidate attraction strategy.

By tracking the source of every application, right through to hire, you’ll be able to analyse the sources of your best hires and optimise your talent acquisition campaign to delver more, based on real data.

Bridge the data gap and get real-time actionable insights automatically, saving you time and increasing the effectiveness of your campaigns.

We work with all the top job boards

All your job adverts are pushed automatically in an API to your chosen job boards, online search engine and social media. Get the benefits of of both organic and paid job adverts to boost your candidate volumes with quality applications.

Google Ads
CV Library
Gogle For Jobs
Job Adder

We can integrate with all the top applicant tracking systems

We can integrate with all the top ATS systems recruiters use and more.

Questions we answer:

Because we source tag every application (as oppose to some unreliable drop-down source box!) TalentTrack is the only Candidate Attraction System that tracks shows an accurate application by source.

Because we can integrate into your payroll, our Application to Hire report report, enables you to see this information instantly so you can plan more effectively.

Our Source report instantly shows you performance by each candidate source. Plus your account manager will be able to offer help and advice on what has worked within the industry. You can also trial new sources with confidence, knowing that you will see an accurate report of performance quickly, before committing too much budget.

You can see, in real time, what your Cost Per Application is from each job board. Enabling you to channel your budget on proven data, based on actual hires, as oppose to any gut feel or anecdotal evidence.

TalentTrack’s reporting suite drills down far beyond the simple high level “which boards send me most applicants?” offered by many. With TalentTrack you can drill down to see performance right down to individual area, branch or franchise locations, by date, job title and source to help to identify the weak area of the recruitment journey.

This might show for example, what job boards work better in cerain areas - you can then refine your campaign set up, and push media spend towards the strengths of individual job boards. Basically, we give you a lot more dials to tweak in order to find the most effective strategy.

Need more? We can tailor reporting to your business or reporting requirements.

Another statistic instantly available using our reporting suite. Because we can link into your payroll you can view this number in real-time.

How does it work?

Track the source of every candidate

Track the source of very candidate in real-time, giving you instant access to candidate insight including applications volumes, hire ratio’s and more for automated candidate attraction marketing

We follow the candidate right through the talent acquisition journey to payroll

Measure the end-to-end candidate to hire journey, enabling you to optimise your strategy to deliver more higher quality applications.

Real time analysis by job source, role and location

Click data, application data, source data and your recruitment process data are all put into one view so you can see which job boards are working for specific job types, enabling you to optimise your campaign effectively and achieve automated recruitment marketing.

Custom Built Reporting, Account Management and Analysts

Your TalentTrack reporting is just that – it’s built specifically for you to track and analyse what you want. Our account management team reviews your data constantly, helping you find data insight discoveries you need. It’s like having your own team of data analysts working for you.

Customer Insight

Find out how Akari is now attracting a higher level of nurse applications since using TalentTrack.

“We reduced our cost per hire for nurses from £10k to £750 and increased our hire ratio from online applications to 10%.”

Care Concern Group Increased their application volume by 650% for the same advertising budget.

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