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TalentTrack is a solution provided by Automated Analytics, an artificial intelligence powered analysis platform that focuses on increasing the return on investment from sales and recruitment spend.

Many companies large and small have data coming out of their ears, but analysing it to gain a competitive advantage is what we do. We generate conversation data, the crown jewels of data, like no other.


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Talent Track is our candidate attraction solution for recruitment, bridges the data gap by measuring the source of every candidate right through to payroll. By creating this unique end-to-end- view of the candidate journey, this unique conversion data is then utilised automatically to power our programmatic bidding solution to generate more candidates that clients hire.

Sales360 is our sales solution which bridges the data gap for organisations that generate at least 20% of their sales over the phone. Utilising AI speech analysis to determine the type and outcome of every call, our sales platform combines multiple data points to give one end-to- end view of the customer journey from source of click to invoice value. This unique conversion data is then used as part of a programmatic bidding solution to optimise Google, Facebook and other media automatically. Dyno Rod have used this solution to lower their cost per sale by over 200% and increase sales by 22% from dyno.com

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Find out how Akari is now attracting a higher level of nurse applications since using TalentTrack.

“We reduced our cost per hire for nurses from £10k to £750 and increased our hire ratio from online applications to 10%.”

Care Concern Group Increased their application volume by 650% for the same advertising budget.

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